Ride-sharing in Geraldton – can you help us get it going?

People frequently travel large distances to and from Geraldton alone in a car, or by bus. Often people are traveling to roughly the same place, at the same time and would probably prefer to share the ride. Sharing rides has many benefits for individuals and our community. To enable more ride-sharing we have evaluated numerous web-base services for connecting drivers with potential passengers. Now, you can help us choose which of three web-based systems you would use.

You can review the options here:

And, cast your vote here:

Once we have collected enough votes, we will set-up and launch the system, promoting through friends, online networks and the media.

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What is Ride-Sharing?

  • Similar to Hitch-hiking, except you organise in advance and get to pick and choose who you ride with. i.e. Much better than hitching!!
  • Similar to Car-pooling, except its for more journeys than just your regular commute.
  • Enabled by online social networking tools to build trust between people who haven’t ‘met’
  • Is immensely popular and successful in the US, UK, France, soon to be adopted by State of Queensland for all staff etc.

Why would I Ride-Share?

Why WOULDN”T you is probably the better question! Some good reasons to consider Ride-Sharing:

  • 50% increase in Geraldton fuel prices since 2001 . For example, a one-way Perth-Geraldton trip bus or car costs at least $50
  • 91% people want action on climate change, now. One way to avoid dangerous climate change is to reduce our use of fossil fuels that produce carbon emissions. For example, a typical one-way Perth-Geraldton trip (car) would result in more than 100kg of CO2 being emitted.
  • It’s a great way to meet different people in your community, or spend time with friends
  • Long drives are safer with more than one person in the car to keep you alert, or share the driving
  • Buses often only go once a day (e.g. Perth-Geraldton), and although a nice trip, it takes most of the day (e.g. 9-3.30pm) which is awkward if you are working or short on time.
  • Ride-sharing is more predictable, and safer than hitching

What are the best ways to coordinate Ride-Sharing?

Online platforms seem to work best (e.g. better than just having a designated pick-up point, or using a paper-based noticeboard), and there are many out there. We reviewed dozens of them from around the world (US, UK, France, Australia) and chose the best three for use here. This Powerpoint Presentation shows the pluses and minuses of each.

PickUpPal: is our favourite.


What Will Happen Next?

Please help us choose the platform you would use by reviewing the presentation and then voting here (it will take 30 seconds):

There is nothing to stop you using those services right now, but in order to work they really need a critical mass, hence the poll.

Once people have completed the poll, we will then:

  • Collate results of poll
  • Recruit YOU as a champion (if you want!) – we need a critical mass for it to work.
  • Share the concept and web-links with friends, colleagues, networks
  • Publicise in the media, promote through other networks
  • Share good stories, track $/CO2 saved, grow the community
  • Establish ‘standard’ pick-up and drop-off locations e.g. Civic Centre on Cathedral Avenue

LATER on, we may:


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