Quick update on the Bike Hubbub

The Bike Hubbub (bike repair and recycling service) is very popular throughout the Pollinator network.

After an initial repair workshop, set up of website and mailing list, and regular repair sessions, there was still steady support.

And we had to prioritise other projects, so put a halt on activity for a while.

Now, there are some opportunities on the horizon. The project really needs some dedicated people-power and funding for it to realise its potential as a social business. So, the latest news:

  • The idea is being integrated into a multi-year ‘healthy communities’ funding application through the City of Geraldton-Greenough,
  • Geraldton Men’s Shed have had similar ideas. Their (temporary) location on the foreshore is ideal, so we approached them to talk about a partnership. We’re waiting to hear back, however it seems likely we’ll be able to host the March Bikeweek event at their shed,
  • A repair workshop is scheduled again for BikeWeek in March. This will be bigger than Ben Hur and the best chance to show your interest (and get your bike fixed),
  • City of Geraldton-Greenough have revived the BUG (bicycle user’s group) with strong support amongst its members for the Bike Hubbub idea,
  • Royalties for Regions and other local funding streams are open and Bike Hubbub is elligible for support,
  • Dismantle, a similar idea, seems to be gaining traction down in Fremantle,
  • Around the world, similar projects are popping up everywhere e.g. the previous and latest winners of Spark Challenge for social enterprises in the UK.

So, all good news in terms of development.

We do need partners though – individuals or organisations that would be willing to support funding applications with their skills, resources or time. If you want to support Bike Hubbub, just get in touch at buzz[at]wildpollinators[dot]org , join the group on Banjar or support the proposal on civic evolution.

May bikes rise to the top of the heap!

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