Ride-share with PickupPal

Anyone in Geraldton can now join find a ride or find a passenger using PickupPal. After some market research, setting up the service, and trialling with a few people, we’ve had amazing results. Together we’ve already saved tonnes of carbon, made new friends, traveled hassle-free across vast distances.

If you need a reminder, PickupPal is an online ride-sharing service that

So now we want to spread the word wider.  So, we’ve:

  • Produced some hilarious posters which will start appearing around Geraldton, and
  • Drafted text for you to insert into emails to friends

Below is a thumbnail of the first of the posters

Click here to download high-res versions.

If you want some in A3 to post at your local shops or workplace, just email buzz[at]wildpollinators[dot]org

PickupPal poster - sleep - for web

And here is the text for inserting into emails to friends:

We have created a ‘Geraldton Community’ group on Pick-up Pal, and there are already more than a dozen members and many rides have been shared, saving hundreds of kilograms of CO2. Way to go Geraldton!!!

It is very easy to get going:
1) Go to
2) Sign up for a free PickupPal account and follow the instructions

You can also choose to synchronise your notifications with Facebook if you choose, you can choose to only be matched with people in the Geraldton Community group, and completely customise your privacy.

As described in our presentation and the blog, we already have many positive stories from the trial phase. If you have more positive feedback or comments, please comment on the site or email buzz[at]wildpollinators[dot]org

We hope this can help you save carbon emissions, make new friends (or get to spend some quality time with your existing friends), and frankly get to and from Geraldton without the danger of driving alone or hassle of working around bus timetables.

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