Featured Member: Jodie Mortadza

We regularly interview, feature and promote Pollinators members. This time we’re learning more about  Jodie Mortadza.

Jodie Mortadza works with regional people and organisations to help make lively, strong and enjoyable communities.

Jodie recently became a member of our growing community of Social Entrepreneurs. She lives in Chittering but her work as Principal Consultant and Trainer at Consult Innovate Create takes her all over the state. Before establishing her own business Jodie worked for Regional Development Australia as Project and Development Manager in the Wheatbelt.

With a passion for regional communities, Jodie is currently working on several projects. One that she is keen to pursue in the future is a deceptively simple idea called ‘Community 4 Community Events‘.

Jodie says Chittering can be a little quiet. There is not much to do, particularly after hours, so she has come up with the idea to get a group of volunteers together to run regular community events like quiz nights, talent shows a and youth activities.

“Generally nothing too grand, it is really about social engagement,” she said

“As a trainer with extensive experience in project and event management I also aim to build the capacity of the group by coaching them and encouraging their ownership of the events, circulating roles and maybe varying volunteers.”

The concept is similar to Lions and Rotary Clubs with a dedicated focus on running community events with all profits donated to local service organisations like the Volunteer Fire Brigade or Ambulance.

Jodie says while some might not consider the idea ‘mind blowing’ the project has three clear benefits for the community:

− more social events in her community,

− building capacity and confidence in local people; and

− supporting the local community groups/specialised support initiatives.

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