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Featured Member: Pip Parsonson

In this article we meet Pip Parsonson, the Community and Youth Development Coordinator at the Shire of Yalgoo, a town 220 kilometres East of Geraldton.

From a very early age, Pip has had a passion for art, culture, politics, indigenous Australia and, to satisfy the machismo in him, rugby union. Whilst at art school, Pip started his career when he joined a small group of students and formed a politically motivated video production, tuition and equipment access business as well as running a multitude of video workshops.

“The day we ran our first production course I was still studying myself and was relying on a ‘cheat-sheet’ hidden away so it would appear as though I knew what I was doing! I learnt that a good dose of bluff, a dash of confidence and plenty of passion can make an excellent substitute for knowledge and experience!’

Pip is most passionate about the reconciliation in Australia between our indigenous and non-indigenous people, saying that ‘the gap’ and all of the other social indicators concerning Aboriginal Australians make it the country’s most complex and enduring social issue to redress

“It is very gratifying to see the emergence of a substantial educated Aboriginal middle class over the past 30 years but they still make up a tiny proportion of their people and much work still needs to be done.”

After being asked what he is proud of Pip humbly replied,

“I’m proud of many of the qualities of humans, particularly those that relate to community spirit and growth, qualities that include resilience, empathy, endeavour, creativity and inclusiveness.”

Pip is currently organising the Yalgoo Emu Cup, which is being held on Saturday 7 September. It will be a day of competitive emu themed races, followed by the Emu Trivia Quiz Night supported by local live music and arts activities.

“Never short of real emus in the vicinity, the Emu Cup will stretch the emu theme to the absurd, galvanising the local Yalgoo community into a frenzy of creative and athletic activity all the while welcoming visitors from near and far to participate in the spectacle and fun.”

If any artists, social entrepreneurs or indeed anyone would like to get involved in the Emu Cup or want to find out more about the Shire of Yalgoo, contact Pip on 0899628174 or at

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