Featured Member: Christina Ross

In this article we meet Christina Ross from In the Raw.

Two years ago, an eye condition (double vision) had Chris sitting in a neurologists consulting room being diagnosed with Meningoma, a Benign Brain Tumor. From that moment forth Chris Ross made the decision to do anything to change to help aid her body on it’s road to recovery. She knew of the human body’s ability to heal itself if given the right ingredients and conditions, and so she turned to raw food.

Within a month, her business In The RAW was up and running in order to help Chris promote a healthy diet and lifestyle to the community. She connects to people through RAW Food Workshops, Vibrational Healing and Health and Wellness Mentoring. Her fun and informative Food Workshops teach attendees that raw food is not just limited to carrot sticks and lettuce but can consist of delicious meals, smoothies, juices and chocolatey sweet treats.

 “Touching lives and telling my story  is something i’m really passionate about, in the hope that change becomes easier for others and they too can lead a life that is rich and rewarding as mine is.”

Within two years of changing her diet and lifestyle the double vision in Chris’ left eye has disappeared completely.

“Eight grandchildren are my inspiration to living a clean healthy lifestyle.  I want to be around to see them grow and develop and become inspiring human beings and so treating my body well, putting in the right foods, exercising my physical body and keeping my mind challenged is the best way that will achieve that.”

Chris loves being based in Geraldton, the fact that she is only 15 minutes away from any appointment, lives close to the ocean and is surrounded by positivity are just some of the reasons why she thinks it’s a wonderful place to not only live but also to run a business.

 “I am proud of my contribution in helping to instigate change in others lives by sharing my story. I am proud of our family. Life is awesome!”

Her goal? To change lives for the better one at a time. Chris is a firm believer in that anyone can choose to make changes and live a healthy lifestyle. The easiest place to start? Take a look at her website or contact her for advice or information!

For more information about In The RAW and upcoming workshops visit the website or contact Chris at Don’t forget to like the facebook page for regular updates and healthy living tips.

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