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Featured Partner: Sinosteel Midwest Corporation Limited

In this article we meet Sinosteel Midwest Corporation Limited

Sinosteel Midwest Corporation Limited operates in the Midwest with Danielle van Kampen and Steve Neill the main local community and environmental contacts. SMCL has been a major sponsor of Pollinators since 2011, with most of their support focused on the development of CityHive and our Swarm events. You may have met Danielle at events such as ‘Social Return on Investment’ and ‘Marketing what Matters’.

Danielle van Kampen
Since the first meetings with Sinosteel we’ve both been very frank and open about things like environmental impact, long-term sustainable development in regional Australia and investment that delivers measurable social returns. Sinosteels’ commitment is demonstrated by their investment in other projects, such as the $1.5 million Green Rewind partnership with King’s Park Botanic Garden’s Authority and their contribution to forming new partnerships, and using local talent and other Pollinators members to address local issues such as through the MWIRSA “Tame the Beast” campaign.

It’s worth mentioning Sinosteel’s Chinese ownership, which means their global corporate objectives are strongly linked to the nation’s five year plans and associated environmental and social goals. What’s interesting is that China actually consistently implements these plans, which is not something we often see in Australia! For example, the parent company Sinosteel Corporation reduced energy consumption per tonne of steel production by 25% last year (aligned with the nation’s low carbon strategy), and China wants to see measurable increases in innovation up to the same level as Australia e.g. up to 2.2% of GDP invested in R&D.

Sinosteel and Pollinators both care deeply about what this region and its people will be like in 50 or 100 year’s time and know t that things like mining, social enterprise, relationships with China, investment in innovation, broadscale environmental restoration, Aboriginal enterprise and the low carbon economy will all feature in that future. Pollinators members’ and partners’ and ventures and projects are and will be critical to vibrant community and economy in the present, while also ensuring the cultural, environmental and economic foundations are there for future generations to enjoy the same prosperity. This long-term thinking and approach resonates with Sinosteel and we’re proud partners in talking, thinking and acting in ways that create healthy, resilient communities in the Midwest.

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