Featured Member: Christian Watters

Today we meet Christian Watters from The Jaffle ShackFleur High Tea and Cavania.

After growing up in Carnarvon and living in London for 12 years, Christian decided it was about time to return to the sun and moved to Geraldton with his wife and daughter three years ago. With a background in computing and business, he now owns Cavania with his wife Karen as well as forming a partnership with another local couple to create and run The Jaffle Shack and Fleur High Tea on Marine Terrace.

What do I love a bout Geraldton? Well the obvious one is the weather but it’s much more than that. I love the potential and the way people embrace new things. It seems like a town that if let loose will burst out and all it needs it a spark to be lit.”

Between drinking copious numbers of cappuccinos, windsurfing, doing ‘dad’ jobs around the house (i.e. fixing anything electronic that refuses to work, opening jars and mowing lawns among other things) Christian is a Pollinators board member, a beach-walking enthusiast, a Geraldton Ocean Baths advocate and  someone who ‘has the gift of the gab’

“I know it is not always a blessing but being able to talk to anyone about anything is so rewarding. It means learning from the most random people and feeling that every moment spent meeting people and talking to them is an opportunity.”

When Christian was asked about what he loves about Geraldton he responded

“Being able to create new things, to be able to work with amazing people and feel like what I do matters. Not in the big scheme of things but at least to some people.

My ultimate goal is to travel and explore without feeling I need to check in. It is in large part my issue, so I guess my goal is to be able to let go, without dropping out, but with enough confidence to know things will be OK”

What is your favourite quote or piece of advice?
“People dont buy what you sell they buy what you stand for.”

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