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Jane Kennedy started her business ‘Cineport Pty Ltd’ after working in Geraldton for three years as a cross media reporter for the ABC. About nine months ago she felt like a change and a new challenge. Jane says, “I really enjoyed the video component of this work and got a real kick out of people enjoying my video work so I thought I’ll further that”.

Cineport focuses on video business profiles but also do event coverage. Business profiles run for one to three minutes and sit on the front page of a client’s business website and give people an immediate and solid understanding of who they are, the products they offer and what their business is all about.

Their business profile videos have multiple and ongoing uses, for example clients can attach the video to emails and use it as a part of sales material at meetings or corporate events. Many of their clients also make use of Cineport to produce their safety and training videos.

Jane says, “Our clients have been very happy with our productions with many having requested further video work for promoting their business or event. Our videos have directly affected sales, increased web traffic and improved client engagement. It really is a very effective way of getting a message across”.

Leaning Tree Community School Cineport

Our point of difference is that our videos are very creative, they have high a production quality and we use more of a storytelling method to get our message across but we still offer a sales focus which is done in a way that is very personable, relatable and engaging”.

Jane’s  involvement with the Pollinators began while working for the ABC because it was a good source for hunting down interesting stories. Jane says, “The Pollinators have been hugely helpful in creating connections and opportunities for our business and doing the Catalyst program has also been very beneficial in helping the business grow”.

Catalyst is a 4-month program for accelerating the development of the Midwest’s best new ventures and innovations. Cineport are also coworkers at CityHive.

A selection Cineport’s videos are viewable online. Cineport have created videos with Pollinators members including:

This profile was researched and written by freelance journalist Steven White.

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