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Brooke Darlington — Empowerment through Sport

Brooke Darlington runs the non-profit enterprise ‘Fast and Female Australia’ whose mission is empowerment of young women aged 9 to 19 through sport.  Fast and Female Australia run events for girls aged 9 to 19 encouraging them to participate in sport and to stay in the sport they already participate in. They also support parents, teachers and coaches in helping these young women stay active. Although the focus has been on this age group Fast and Female are working on being more inclusive of all women by including mothers and daughter events in the hope of getting them to get active together.

‘Fast and Female Australia’ incorporated in 2013 and are running three cross country skiing events this winter, they have one at Perisher, one at Falls Creek and one at Lake. They ran their first summer sporting event here in Geraldton on April 5th. This was a great success and included: goal setting, fitness and activity stations, a nutrition workshop and yoga.

Brooke’s association with Fast and Female began in 2006 while she was a cross country skier on the Canadian national ski team and was asked to become an ambassador for the North American association, she worked with them in Canada until marrying an Australian and moving out here. Since being in Australia Brooke saw the need and opportunity to create a similar organisation here.

After moving to Geraldton, Brooke’s first contact with the Pollinators was at an event held at CityHive where she signed up to be a member and took part in the Catalyst program and says, “This really helped because I didn’t have much direction or know how to focus the organisation, especially in WA because I didn’t have a lot of contacts here”. “Catalyst gave me all the tools to put all those building blocks in place and gave me people to talk to help when I needed it”.

Andrew Outhwaite, Pollinators Executive Officer, said Fast and Female was a great example of a social enterprise that combines a social mission with a business-like approach. “Fast and Female’s branding and energy are so infectious, and we’re proud to be able to support them through programs like Catalyst”.

This profile was researched and co-authored by freelance journalist Steven White and Alison Hilton.

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