Happy coworker – one coworker’s story

When marketing consultant Katarina Smelikova moved to Geraldton three years ago, she threw herself into her new business, Flash Marketing, working from home in her new house. But it didn’t take long for the shine to wear off – she was lucky to have a home office, but it was so dark. And she yearned for some social contact.

Around the same time Katarina happened to be invited to present at Pollinators’ digital enterprise sessions as one of the trainers. Stepping into CityHive, she realised she’d found the kind of work place she’d sought. “Straight away I met some really interesting people, I had some new business opportunities come up that I wouldn’t have got at home, and I found out so much more about what was going on,” she says.

Hooked, Katarina signed up to be a CityHive coworker, and now regularly coworks from CityHive and attends Pollinators members events. She also uses the space for her photography, and hires meeting rooms for teleconferences and webinars. She urges anyone interested to pop into CityHive and expand their personal and business networks.

Visit the Flash Marketing website for more information and feel free to chat with Katarina direct regarding the benefits of coworking.

And find out about Pollinators’ coworking options here.

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