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Russell Browne – Member Profile

Who are you? 

I’m a Midwest local with a passion for the environment, a thirst for knowledge and a love of keeping fit/healthy. I also love spending time with my family and friends while enjoying the place in which we live (the Midwest).

What are you working on? 

I work full time as an occupational hygiene and radiation specialist at a factory. I am thinking of starting my own consultancy in the future.

Currently studying natural groundwater attenuation (short online course) which is very interesting and may be relevant for my future work.

Who do you collaborate with? 

I collaborate with other professionals in my field, and anyone who is interested in the environment.

Is there an innovation you’re loving right now? 

I love that so many jobs nowadays can be automated using a simple app or sensor.

I am also excited about the way renewable energy generation is becoming so prevalent and hope this continues with battery storage – we can then generate and supply power ourselves without relying on “big companies” to do this at our expense.

Is there a time when you are most creative?

After a few drinks!!


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