Liam richards

Liam Richards – Coworker Profile

What is your venture?

I am a freelance graphic designer based in Geraldton.

I work across a broad range of design disciplines, including logo development, packaging, signage, outdoor display, advertising, website and print design. I enjoy finding creative solutions through technology and design, while maintaining superb quality and within budget.

What inspired your work?

I am inspired by other great design, beautiful objects and work by other industry leaders such as Wim Crouwel, Michael Bierut, Jessica Walsh and Aaron Draplin.

I want to make the world more beautiful without compromising functionality.

What’s your focus for the next 3 months?

My main focus for the next 3 months is to create a variety of work for local businesses, contribute to the community through design and engagement, as well as build up a solid portfolio.

How can people connect or contribute to your venture’s success?

If you would like to connect with me, feel free to come and see me at City Hive, visit my website, or email

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