Featured Member: Donna Heart creating change for love (and money)

We regularly interview, feature and promote Pollinators members. This time we’re learning more about Donna Heart Donna is an artist, mother, teacher and active citizen. For her, being a ‘social entrepreneur’ means having an idea for change, and not waiting around for governments or local community shires/groups to take action. “How does the saying go? We must […]

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Featured Member: Janell Kopplhuber leading Geraldton to 2029 and Beyond

We regularly interview, feature and promote Pollinators members. This time we’re learning more about Janell Kopplhuber Janell has lived and worked in communities in Canada and Europe and hopes to support professionals and small business through Pollinators. Janell recently became a member and will work with the organisation in conjunction with her role as Coordinator of […]

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Lunchtime Learning Wed. 2nd Nov – Business Model Design

This week, Andrew Outhwaite and Dr Christopher Kueh are our guests, co-presenting on creative tools for designing (and re-designing) Business models. Business model design is easy, fun to do, and yet rarely explored by many. Join us in learning how to rapidly create smarter, more sustainable ways to meet human needs. Business Model Innovation – better societies through better business […]

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Working within, between and across sectors – an introduction for social entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered why the different sectors exist, and why they are so different? You’re not alone, and understanding the differences is critical to success as a social entrepreneur. Each sector has its own psychology, motivation, opportunities, constraints and challenges. Drawing on research and interviews with leaders from each sector and a decade of […]

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Images of Friday Fika

Friday Fika is the name for our weekly member’s gathering at Saltdish cafe, Marine Terrace, Geraldton. Fika is a Swedish habit of drinking coffee and catching up with colleagues. In Sweden it’s not usually breakfast, and is usually accompanied by sweet pastries. Even without the pastries, people are loving the space we’ve created to just catch […]

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Quick update on the Bike Hubbub

The Bike Hubbub (bike repair and recycling service) is very popular throughout the Pollinator network. After an initial repair workshop, set up of website and mailing list, and regular repair sessions, there was still steady support. And we had to prioritise other projects, so put a halt on activity for a while. Now, there are […]

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Hive gains momentum

Many Pollinators will have been familiar with the idea of a ‘hub’ or ‘hive’ as a more creative, affordable, coworking space in Geraldton. Well, the proposal has really gained momentum, has its own website, and we are now collecting detailed information from potential tenants through our survey. Since the last post on the topic, we […]

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Ride-share with PickupPal

Anyone in Geraldton can now join find a ride or find a passenger using PickupPal. After some market research, setting up the service, and trialling with a few people, we’ve had amazing results. Together we’ve already saved tonnes of carbon, made new friends, traveled hassle-free across vast distances. If you need a reminder, PickupPal is […]

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Social Innovation in WA – September 2010 Forum

Monday’s SIIWA forum brought together a range of social innovation organisations with members of WACOSS and facilitator Jason Clarke to grow social innovation in WA. There were GREAT people there: Brodie McCulloch who is variously working on a Hub, CycleFreo, Social investment fund and happens to run a marketing and communication company in his spare […]

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Hubs and Hives in North America

Co-working and space sharing as a means to grow social innovation. I recently enjoyed 6 weeks in the USA, and immersed myself in the progressive culture of some of the West Coast cities: San Francisco, Boulder, Denver, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. There is no doubt that in each case there are a definite set of […]

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