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Western Mulga Team

Western Mulga – Venture Profile

  What is your venture? Now in our sixth year, our current venture at Western Mulga is to manage the first Aboriginal Ranger Program in partnership with the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council – NACC.   We’ll continue to foster Aboriginal engagement in the NRM sector at every opportunity from caring for local parklands to land in the outback. […]

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bush heritage3

Bush Heritage Australia – Venture Profile

  What is your venture? Bush Heritage Australia is committed to bringing Country back to good health. We work with others to manage and enhance millions of hectares of ecologically important land across Australia. We re-build nature’s resilience as a provider of habitats, fresh water, healthy soil, plant pollination, nutrients and carbon storage to sustain […]

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drywell plants feature

Marlo Elsum-Beaumont – Venture Profile

What is your venture? DRYWELL is a sustainable, home-based small business supporting the environment and the surrounding community. I combine my love of art, organic gardening and nature craft to create Drywell’s range of handmade succulent bowls, organic produce and rustic art using materials found on Drywell. I grow majority of the plants used to […]

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joshua foster

Joshua Foster – Venture Profile

What is your venture? As an environmental consultancy and service provider, Earth Stewardship aims to empower landholders/land managers to understand and take care of their patch – whether that be native vegetation, an urban garden or areas that are undergoing rehabilitation.  Earth Stewardship provides advice, ideas, and solutions to environmental concerns. My strengths are in […]

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rodney edit

Rodney Littlejohn – Venture Profile

What is your venture? Tersum Energy is building a mixed generation power station. Our goal is to build the power station near Geraldton and provide a new source of affordable electricity to help drive economic development not only for Geraldton but the wider Mid West. Tersum believe this new electricity can be brought to customers through a […]

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Gordon Macleod – Member Profile

Who are you? My name is Gordon Macleod and I decided to get involved with Pollinators after attending their members meet up at CityHive. What are you working on?  I’m still recovering from having a stroke and working on improving my body movements. However, my ultimate aim is to create a support group for all community members who have experienced […]

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Venture profile – Beacon Business Growth Solutions

What is your venture?  I deliver real world innovative solutions to improve profits, cashflow and wastage for businesses in the Mid West. I provide a range of services from reporting, benchmarking, analysis and profit growth through the attention to detail, all the while working in a collaborative manner with staff, managers and owners. What’s inspired your work?  […]

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Venture profile – Kalbarri Development Association

1.  What is your venture? Kalbarri Development Association is a volunteer run group of can-do people working to progress the development of Kalbarri – from both an economic and social viewpoint. Our signature event is the Kalbarri Zest Fest – a five-year community cultural celebration commemorating the 300th anniversary of the sinking of the Dutch East […]

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Mark Panero

Mark Panero – Member Profile

1. What is your venture? Business Process Consultancy. Vision: Integrating with dynamic businesses to simplify and innovate processes using practical technology IF necessary. Mission: Keeping It Simple. 2. What’s inspired your work? 20 years of working with people (not programs) to achieve their (business) objectives. 3. What’s your focus for the next three months? Implement […]

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carolyn resize

Carolyn Fox – Member Profile

1. What is your venture? I’m a one Fox show. I assist small businesses in whatever administrative areas they need. I also offer consultations and advice around various aspects of administering a small business. This includes researching software, running recruitment processes, doing social media plans and posting, resume writing, personal assistant duties, production of graphics/logos and much more. I […]

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