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Samille Mitchell – Member Profile

Who are you? I’ve just started as Pollinators’ Communication Coordinator. I love, love, love Pollinators’ work in supporting community, sustainability and innovation so am thrilled to be involved. What are you working on? Aside from my work at Pollinators, I’m also a freelance journalist and public relations consultant and creator of Inspired Magazine, which shares […]

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Margie Robinson – Member Profile

Who are you? I’ve just started as Pollinators’ Community Facilitator. I’m really excited to be involved in such a fantastic organisation and hoping to get to know you all as I settle into the role. I have a passion for regional development in all senses, so really looking forward to getting involved and seeing Pollinators, members […]

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Cropped 2016

Blue City Mediations – Coworker Profile

What is your venture? My mission is to assist individuals or organisations with conflict resolution primarily through a process of Mediation or through targeted training.  I am trained as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Nationally Accredited Mediator. My market for the Family Law Mediation side of my business is individuals who have separated and need […]

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Lia Thornton – Member Profile

Who are you?  I am an eighteen year old that has recently finished high school, moved out of home and am learning the ropes of the adult world. (Quick tip: don’t move out of home, kids!) I love being around different people with different backgrounds, as I enjoy knowing about people’s lives and stories they […]

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Andrew Outhwaite – Member Profile

Who are you? Me! Always have been, always will be. Otherwise, Apithology practitioner, Cheng Hsin player, Learning enabler, lover, friend, investor, prone to taking myself too seriously. What are you working on? My roles include Community Lead at Pollinators, Director of StartupWA, Bendigo Bank and Geraldton Airlines, and facilitator of an “Increasing Consciousness” group. I’m working on […]

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Amanda Rowland

Soil is Capital – venture profile

Amanda Rowland has been pursuing a remarkable new venture since she was profiled in 2012 and is a past graduate of Catalyst. What is your venture? Edah Station In August, 2015 we (Amanda, Geoff, Angus and Toby) took possession of the lease of Edah Pastoral Station, a 250,000 acre former sheep station east of Yalgoo and the Spelt Project […]

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Pia Lanzinger_Geraldton

Pia Lanzinger – collaborative art and social games

Pia Lanzinger creates socially-engaged art with places and communities, or in her words “focuses on collaborative projects in public spaces that attempt to notice the breaks and inconsistencies in the conditions of daily existence, and enable communicative experimentation.“   Thanks to Spaced 2, Western Australian Museum, City of Greater Geraldton, Pia will be working on “Geraldton […]

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Julian Canny

Julian Canny — A funny approach to growing the arts

Julian Canny grew up in Geraldton and after living around WA has returned with a mission to make people laugh. His venture ‘The Comedy Emporium’ is at heart a stand-up comedy promotion business which is now expanding its role to include other commercial arts programs. Julian says, “Our whole idea is to encourage comedians in regional WA, growing […]

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Fast and Female

Brooke Darlington — Empowerment through Sport

Brooke Darlington runs the non-profit enterprise ‘Fast and Female Australia’ whose mission is empowerment of young women aged 9 to 19 through sport.  Fast and Female Australia run events for girls aged 9 to 19 encouraging them to participate in sport and to stay in the sport they already participate in. They also support parents, teachers […]

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Euan Beamont

Euan Beamont — turning waste into energy

Euan’s background in agriculture and passion for a sustainable future have lead him to partner with Tom Vogan (an engineer), in facilitating the development of the bioenergy industry in Western Australia. Together, Euan and Tom formed Energy Farmers four years ago and have since worked on a number of projects and developing new technologies to turn organic waste […]

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Julie Firth

Drylands Permaculture Farm — Foundation for the future

The transition from the cool, wet and volcanic, fertile soils of rural Taranaki New Zealand, into the hot, dry infertile lands of the Midwest of Western Australia is a dramatic challenge when establishing a livelihood in primary production, and pioneering endeavour in Permaculture. For Julie Firth, owner and manager of the ‘Drylands Permaculture Farm’, it […]

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Imagination Games — philanthropists funding fun

This is a Guest Post by Jo Jackson King — Catalyst graduate, author, occupational therapist, pastoralist and social entrepreneur. A beautiful idea can remain forever in the ether without cash and energy for a rescue. I think this is what would have happened to our beautiful idea without The Funding Network Australia. The Funding Network […]

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Featured Member: Natasha Colliver

As David Bornstein, author of “How to Change the World” said: “Social entrepreneurs identify resources where people only see problems. They view the community as the solution, not the passive beneficiary. They begin with the assumption of competence and unleash resources in the communities they’re serving.” ( 2012) This quote really resonated with me, as […]

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