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CoderDojo is a facilitated program fuelling young people’s passion for coding and better understanding the technology that shapes their world.

Pollinators partnered with Scinapse, Inspiring Australia and Central Regional TAFE to run a pilot program. CoderDojo is currently on a break, but we are organising to restart it soon.


Register interest as a Ninja, Mentor or Coordinator:

Participants in the first CoderDojo session in Geraldton

Participants in the first CoderDojo session in Geraldton

About CoderDojo

There are Dojos in over 51 countries that meet meet regularly to learn skills and work on projects like websites, apps, games and more. There is a focus on community, peer learning, mentorship and self-directed learning. CoderDojo makes development and learning to code a fun, sociable, rewarding experience. The one rule for Ninjas is ‘Above All, Be Cool‘, guiding behaviour. Champions, Mentors and volunteers work together to create a safe and inclusive space for young people. Here’s CoderDojo in 90 seconds:



  1. Ninjas – Young people aged 9 to 17 who want to learn to code or use code to build projects. All young people are welcome to attend the Intro session, however if there is more demand than capacity we will prioritise supporting those who can attend all the sessions in Term 1.
  2. Technical Mentors – Adults (17+) experienced in coding, website building or technology relevant to mentoring the Ninjas. Mentors may attend all sessions, or attend as a special guest for a single session. In the Intro session we will discuss platforms, projects, benefits and requirements for mentors. Link to nominate a date and role in the roster
  3. Parents or Volunteers – Parents of children who may also want to learn to code, become a ‘Champion’ (help coordinator the Dojo) or just learn more about supporting their children’s interest. In the Intro session we will discuss more about CoderDojo and options for involvement. Link to nominate a date and role in the roster
  4. Sponsors – In order to resource and fund the pilot, its continuation and related events, forums and resources we are seeking financial partners for CoderDojo Geraldton. Prospective sponsors should also register, and we will provide details of the sponsorship options available.

CoderDojo Resources

For Ninjas:

For Mentors:

For Parents and non-technical volunteers: