We’re happy to share news, opinions or provide leads for stories to the media. Pollinators has previously been featured in national, state and local print, radio and digital media, and as a case study and innovation leader in publications and forums. Pollinators could be considered the “go-to” organisation in regional WA for insights into:

  • Social Enterprise, Social Innovation and Social Impact,
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship,
  • Coworking and Urban Regeneration,
  • Startups and high0growth ventures,
  • Digital literacy and communications,
  • Regional development and community development.

Media Contacts

Kirsty Kipling Community Lead. Kirsty’s the best contact for information on member’s, ventures, science/STEM engagement and the first point of contact for all other matters – 0435 200 898 or (08) 99655371 or

Paul Dyer – Board Chairperson. Paul is the best contact for official communication about Pollinators activities and position on policies or initiatives – 0431 947 549 or

Angie West – Space Lead. Angie’s the best contact for information on coworking, creative industries hub and urban regeneration – (08) 99655371 or

Andrew OuthwaiteLearning Lead and co-founder. Andrew’s the best contact for information on innovation, events, learning programs, digital strategies and innovation services – 0466 694 702 or (08) 99655371 or