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WACOSS webinar: Does your constitution need updating?

This is a WEBINAR presented by WACOSS and will be hosted at CityHive

Has your organisation reviewed your constitution in the past three years?  If not, you may find the organisation has outgrown its constitution.  Often organisations find out they are not legally complying with their own constitution, the hard way.   

As the governance approach of not-for-profit community services sector moves further into a corporate model and organisations change direction and structure to meet the ever changing socio-political landscape, it is essential organisations have a serviceable and well-structured constitution suitable for their current  needs.

This short hot topic webinar seminar will look at the importance of reviewing your constitution and what to  consider.  

The session will be specifically for those organisations that are Incorporated under the WA Incorporations Associations Act.

The session will cover the requirements of the Incorporation Association Act, common issues to look out for such as: how much detail to put in the constitution, the value of by-laws, using the model rules, terminology, roles of office bearers how often Boards should meet per year, meeting electronically.


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WACOSS webinar: The Role of the Chair and Running Meetings

This is a WEBINAR presented by WACOSS and will be hosted at CityHive

The primary role of the Chairperson is one of leading, facilitating and encouraging, rather than directing and
controlling. Most importantly the role of chair is about ensuring that the board is effective in its tasks of setting
and implementing the organisation’s direction and strategy. Today, this expanded role of the Chairperson also requires more responsibility for the overall performance of the organisation and the rest of the board . The Chairperson also plays a crucial role in promoting ethical and responsible decision-making.

Who should attend?
This course is for new and experienced Chairpersons and those considering being a Chairperson. Other Board members and CEO’s are also welcome.

What the Training Covers:
• Role of chair in providing leadership to the board – the characteristics, qualities and knowledge required
• How to create a condusive environment for strong and defensible decision-making
• Suggestions for structuring and involving Board members eg creating fluid portfolio of roles
• Ideas for taking responsibility for the board’s composition and development
• Planning and conducting board meetings effectively
• And loads of tips and resources


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