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Imagining the Houtman Abrolhos as a Sustainable Tourism Destination


Forum – Presented by the Houtman Abrolhos Conservation Network and Pollinators on Tuesday 5 February 2018.


1:00 PM – Sustainable Nature-based Tourism and managing tourist visitation to seabird breeding islands

Associate Professor David Newsome, Murdoch University

David Newsome is an environmental scientist with expertise in wildlife tourism, geotourism and the biophysical impacts of natural area tourism.


2:OO PM –Science and conservation based ecotourism. What it takes and what it can contribute.

Dr J.N. (Nic) Dunlop, Citizen Science Program Coordinator, Conservation Council WA

Nic Dunlop is an animal ecologist with a long-term interest in seabird / island ecology and citizen science. Nic has been a long-term guide in a nature-based tourism product on Christmas Island, Indian Ocean.


Workshop 3-4:30 PM – Imagining the Houtman Abrolhos as a Sustainable Tourism Destination

Structure – Identify a series of nature based ‘attractions’ around which a tour product could be developed. Divide into smaller groups each taking one attraction. Group to:

  1. Define the tourism product.
  2. Identify the market and how to target it.
  3. What regulatory environment is needed to support it?
  4. What physical infrastructure will it need and who will build it?
  5. What human infrastructure, capacity and capability will be required?

Output from the Workshop will be summarized by HACN and submitted to DBCA as a contribution to the proposed ‘Recreation Plan for the Wallabi Group’ and the ‘Abrolhos Islands Master Plan’.

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