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Goodness Festival 2014

The Goodness Festival 2014 showcases and celebrates innovation and achievement towards sustainability in the Mid West. A commitment to being, relating and doing more that is aligned with ‘Goodness’ is central to ensuring we are ecologically, socially and economically sustainable as a community. You can read more about the ethos behind Goodness Festival, written by Festival Patron Hugh Mackay.

Goodness Festival exists to make it easy and inspiring for every individual and organisation to contribute positively to growing our local economies, protecting our local ecosystems and creating a just and equitable community. Unique to the Mid West, Goodness Festival will run from the 15th to 31st of August and will feature more than 30 tours, exhibitions, seminars, workshops and events in and around Geraldton. From relaxing Chapman River Biodiversity tours to intense Startup Weekend events; there’s something for everyone! Book a ticket to an event.

An awards night Saturday August the 30th will celebrate individuals and organisations who are making our community a better place. Award categories including Leadership, Innovation, Science, Natural Resource Management, Zero Waste, Social Enterprise, Health and more.Nominate someone for an award.

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