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How To Use Podio Morning Tea

This event is for Members and Coworkers of Pollinators, new and old, who want to learn how to utilise Podio; our online networking platform for connecting members who want to collaborate.

We will spend about an hour going over Podio’s unique features such as;

  • How to navigate your workspaces
  • Change the notifications you receive
  • Chat with other members
  • Log in your hours for coworking.

The event will run on Monday the 11th of December, from 10 to 11 am, so we will have biscuits, tea and coffee to tide you over until lunchtime.

*Please make sure you bring your own devices!*

If you can’t make it… Please let us know prior to the event, and we can help you out another time!

Please RSVP via this link>

Email the CityHive Host with any questions or concerns –

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Peer Learning: Podio as an all-in-one management solution

Pollinators hosted a peer learning session to discuss use of Podio to enhance team productivity in different organisational contexts. This post outlines some general recommendations from the conversations, and has specific suggestions for particular users and purposes, This session was attended by people in executive or manager-level roles within small to medium organisations.  This conversation continued pre- and post-session within […]

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Podio for team productivity: Peer learning session

There are many options for enabling communication and collaboration with your team (employees, contractors, volunteers): in-person meetings, email, Yammer, Office365… and Podio stands out as a remarkable tool. Pollinators and several of our member organisations have been using Podio, and now can’t imagine living without it!

This Peer Learning Session focuses on the merits, challenges and novel uses of Podio, and some discussion in comparison to other ways of organising for different users, audiences and technology skill levels.

Attend if you have some experience in managing or collaborating with a team on Podio, and want to learn from and with other members about effective and advanced use of this platform.

If you are completely new to Podio, we also have free training coming up in November, which is a more in-depth introduction and can help you get started.

There is a discussion thread in our member’s area for conversation pre- and post-session:

Podio Intro Video

Podio Intro Video

Peer Learning Sessions are forums for members to share their ideas, tips, tricks or opinions with other members.

Peer Learning Sessions are:

  • Free for members who should RSVP
  • Scheduled based on member demand by submissions or via discussions in our online forums
  • Lead by members, often with peers who have similar interests or expertise,
  • Held at CityHive, BYO food with tea, coffee provided,
  • May be documented with a blog or further discussions online to share the learning with those who couldn’t attend.

Peer Learning Sessions are guided by ‘Chatham House Rules‘: “Participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed”

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